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Smart Start-Up

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Ultimate perspective.

Utilize connections and opportunities to grow your business.
With interdisciplinary experience, we deliver a holistic approach to your venture.

Once we learn the ropes, we help you to keep all the gears working to help you achieve higher position in customer’s mind.

From initial brainstorming through idea consolidation to brand development and daily maintenance, you find a reliable partner.

Brand Dynamics

Communication is like a ballet. Precise movements make spectacular show.
Great communication make stunning brand presence.

We do care about all aspects of your communication.


Services at hand

Thanks to our business partners and rich toolset,
you can benefit from cooperation with BrandThings in many ways.

  • Marketing & Brand Signature Videos
  • Android & iOS Mobile Apps
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Management
Football 3 Color
MRA Group
Everyday Baby
EST America

Delivered beyond my expectations. From the brief alone. There are tones of ideas and thoughts that I cannot do on my own. It’s like having a caddy standing next to you discussing what is the best move!

Jose Tan
Founder of Mood Republic

Jakub is extraordinary in his ability to provide exactly what I was looking for – even when I didn’t really know what I was looking for! He worked so hard that I paid him a bonus on top of what we agreed and made the entire process of designing and delivering a website an actual delight. I have gone back to him a few times for other work since and he has always delivered on time and on budget. I’ve never recommended another online consultant, but I always make sure to recommend him to my colleagues who might be looking for someone with his skills. Exceptional is the only word appropriate for his work and his ethic.

Keith Bolshaw
Adventure Capitalist

Super professional branding experts. Delivered above and beyond. Highly recommend!

Polina Solda
Owner, Find Love and Keep It

I have worked with Jakub for several weeks looking into various aspects of our online profile. Jakub is a intelligent, creative worker who loves what he does. More importantly, in an industry in flux, he has brought a new creative energy and focus to everything we do. Jakub is the right person to have on your team – curious, hard working and innovative.

Charles Liburd
Founder, NMNC Films

Captured the essence of my “normally hard to explain” business so fast and really seemed to get straight to the heart of the branding necessities and strategies. All of which made a TON of sense and lightbulbs were going off at each email.

Christina De Moraes
Founder of International Medical Tourism Chamber of Commerce

A very good review. I will be looking at this and coming back for more moving forward.

Gareth McDowell
MD at 493K Limited

Listen to Jakub, listen to him carefully. Because not doing so might be the biggest mistake you have ever made. Yes, jakub is a very controversial and visionary person. He is the kind of creative man who can predict things like Google Circles 3 years in advance(and he actually did!). I am having a very delightful work experience with Jakub and also his contribution to the nonprofit sector is very remarkable.

Tibor Szabó
Partner at inQool a.s.

Jakub is knowledgeable on so many different aspects of web design, social media management and networking. It has been an amazing working with him and I greatly appreciate the time (and patience!) he has dedicated to this project, as well as the guidance he has offered me time and time again. Thank you, Jakub!

Rebecca Millar
Founder or Romulus Media Group

I am working with Jakub for a very long time and he is definitely great and open-minded person. In every situation he is able to help with his best. I hope we will go on our cooperation.

Václav Hodek
CEO at Effortix

An unexpected grasp of branding that most have no clue about. Our report was eye opening and truthful, so we can go in the “Right Direction”. You will receive an honest interpretation and will be provided by a path of correction where needed.

Gene & Chris Corrigan
Owners of The Lake House

Amazing service, great to work with!

Brent Hanson
Owner, Realtor at City of Trees Real Estate